City Leadership
City Manager
Ken Irwin
City Mayor
Michael Clauzel
City Council District A
Shivaugn Alves
City Council District B
Jessica Romero
City Council District C
Dominic Farinha
City Council District D
Carlos Roque
City Structure
City Government Structure
Provided by City of Patterson
The City of Patterson is a Council-Manager government. Citizens of Patterson vote for 4 Council Members to serve four-year terms and a Mayor who serves a two-year term. The mayor presides over the City Council and performs ceremonial duties. The City Council appoints a City Manager, City Attorney, and all other positions. They hold office indefinitely until they resign or are removed from office.
Selected Salary & Position Type as of 2023
  • City Manager, Appointed, Full-Time:
    Approx $180,000 to $220,000 per year
  • City Mayor, Elected, Monthly Stipend:
    Approx $660 per month
  • City Councilmember, Elected, Monthly Stipend:
    Approx $396 per month