City Council
Regular Meeting
April 2, 2024 at 12:00 PM

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Statements of Conflict Link

4. Items from the Public Link

5. Consent Calendar Link

    1. Motion to Waive Readings - All Readings of Ordinances and Resolutions, Except by Title are hereby waived.
    1. Minutes of Mar 19, 2024 6:00 PM Link
    1. Minutes of Mar 19, 2024 7:00 PM Link
    1. Approve the Classification Specification and Salary Range for Code Enforcement Supervisor. Link
    • Staff Report Printout Link
    • a. FISCAL IMPACT Link
    • b. JD Code Enforcement Supervisor Link
    • c. PMMEA Salary Schedule Effective 07.01.2023 REVISED_Approved 04.02.2024 Link
    1. Adopt Resolution No. 2024-18 implementing a Surplus Personal Property Policy addressing the disposal of City-owned personal property that is no longer needed or usable by the holding department in possession of the property. Link
    • Staff Report Printout Link
    • a. Resolution No. 2024-18 Link
    • b. Surplus Personal Property Policy Link

6. Presentation

    1. Discussion and Direction for Use of Remaining American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds. Link
    • Staff Report Printout Link
    • a. City of Patterson - ARPA Allocations Link

7. Public Hearing

    1. Approve Resolution No. 2024-19, approving the Delta Marketplace project, including General Plan Amendment/Rezone #24-01, Planned Development #22-03, and Tentative Parcel Map #22-02. Link
    • Staff Report Printout Link
    • a. Resolution No. 2024-19 Delta Marketplace Link
    • b. Delta Marketplace Conditions checklist final Link
    • c. Vicinity Map Link
    • d. 18099 General Plan Exhibits Link
    • e. 18099 Zoning Exhibits Link
    • f. LB Sperry Park 2 Site Plan #3 Link
    • g. 18099 TPM Signed 2-9-24 Link
    • h. Delta Marketplace Rendering #1 Link
    • i. Delta Marketplace Rendering #2 Link
    • j. WPBP Mitigation Measures Link
    • k. TM 120723 Sperry Comm # 2 Trip Gen Link
    • l. Reso 2024-01 Sperry Bus Park Delta Marketplace Link
    • m. Delta Marketplace Conditions checklist final AMENDED PC Link
    1. Zacharias & Baldwin Ranch Develpment Agreement Link

8. City Staff Reports

    1. Adopt Resolution No. 2024-20, Approving Two Agreements Relating to the Ivy Rose Area of the Zacharias Master Plan: (1) A Water/Sewer Connection and Sound Wall Agreement with Property Owners in the Ivy Rose Area; and (2) An Agreement with Developers of the Zacharias Master Plan for the Construction of Public Improvements. Link
    • Staff Report Printout Link
    • a. Resolution No. 2024- 20 Ivy Rose Agreements Link
    • b. 2024.03.26_Ivy Rose Agreement with Developers (CW136569-18xDCB25) Link
    • c. (EXH A) Zacharias Development Areas (CW136953xDCB25) Link
    • d. 18056 ZMPA Ivy Rose Land Owners Information 03-27-2024 Link
    • e. 2024.03.26_Ivy Rose Form Agreement (Water, Sewer, Sound Wall) (CW136539-15xDCB25) Link
    • f. 18056 ZMPA Ivy Rose Land Owners Information 03-27-2024 Link
    • g. 2024.03.26_(Exh D) Right of Access Agreement (CW136568-5xDCB25) Link

9. City Council Reports

  • A. Councilmember Alves Link
    • Stanislaus Homeless Alliance (Councilmember Roque alternate)
    • Stanislaus County Hazardous Waste Advisory Committee (Councilmember Farinha alternate)
  • B. Councilmember Romero Link
    • Westside Health Care Task Force (Councilmember Alves alternate)
  • C. Councilmember Farinha Link
    • San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (Councilmember Romero alternate)
  • D. Mayor Pro Tem Roque
    • (EDAC) Stanislaus County Economic Development Action Committee (Mayor Clauzel alternate)
    • Workforce Development Board (Mayor Clauzel alternate)
  • E. Mayor Clauzel Link
    • Stanislaus County Mayor's Meeting
    • StanCOG (Mayor Pro Tem Roque alternate)
    • League of California Cities (Councilmember Farinha 1st alternate, Councilmember Alves 2nd alternate)

10. Other Matters Link

11. Adjournment Link